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Welcome to NAom!

NOTE: This project is no longer maintained here. Please visit NAom@Bitbucket.

NAom is an implementation of the Adaptive Object Model (AOM) architecture for dynamic applications.

AOM allows for the dynamic creation of entities, their properties and functionality, without any changes to the code and/or storage schema, at runtime.
This is well suited to applications where end-users define the entities, their properties and operations within the application, instead of a programmer.

Some example application domains that can benefit from this approach include:
  • Financial Analytics
  • Medical Systems
  • User-defined Product Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Data Portals

The NAom library is still a work in progress, so it doesn't fully implement the AOM specification yet.
Checkout the C# code examples of the NAom library in use.

Take a look at the prototype projects in the source code, which explore various techniques of AOM, including using Linq to SQL.

Christopher G Lasater has written a series of articles on the CodeProject website on the subject.

Also, a detailed document, by Joseph Yoder, Ralph E. Johnson et al, discusses the AOM approach, and makes for interesting reading.

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