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Adding methods to DynamicType object dynamically

first post: AbdulCodePlex wrote: Is it possible to add methods to DymaicType object at run time, met...

latest post: VirtualStaticVoid wrote: Ok, I've managed to implement the start of support for dynamic meth...

plan to next version?

first post: linzer wrote: nice work! There are plans to do the next version?thanks!

latest post: linzer wrote: Just saw the new check in code, learning~,thank you!

Framework for user defined fields

first post: fusionvj wrote: Hi,I would like to use this concept for user defined fields, wherei...

latest post: virtualstaticvoid wrote: Also, checkout the AomDB project under the prototypes section, for ...

Why reinvent the wheel? Use Castle DynamicProxy2

first post: damoncarr wrote: But even if you did not, I refactored this into what I think is mo...

latest post: virtualstaticvoid wrote: Yes, the plan is to use an ORM technology. The NAom.DAL prototype i...

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